First came websites. Second came sales funnels. Third came mobile apps. And NOW, the next BIG thing in internet marketing is HERE 😲... "

"The Amazing New Instant App Funnels w/ Superpowers That Are Breaking Sales Records Online"

Used By a CLUELESS Newbie To Make $500 /Day From His 1 Bedroom Apartment

After Getting FIRED From His 9-5 Job at Walmart For Being Too Lazy (Yes really!)

 NO Meeting with Clients

 NO Tech Skills Needed!

 Based on a REAL Newbie Success Story!

You Can Have Your First "Instant App Funnel" LIVE and Ready To Send to THOUSANDS of Potential Buyers In The Next 5 Minutes!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

 NO Meeting with Clients

 NO Tech Skills Needed!

 Based on a REAL Newbie Success Story!

Generate An Honest & Mostly Passive Income Online With "Instant App Funnels" In 3 Easy Clicks...


Launch an Instant App Funnel in the next 5 mins by selecting from our library of 200+ ready-to-go templates in the HOTTEST and highest paying 3 button clicks!


Click, copy and SEND our pre-written listing emails to the businesses we tell you to, and watch your inbox fill up with replies from highly motivated buyers from all over the world!


Accept *the highest offer and get PAID! Rinse and repeat to grow your monthly cashflow, escape the rat race and build a financial wall around you and your family that nothing can penetrate!
*The industry average selling price for an Instant App Funnel or mobile app with comparable features seems to vary from $500-$10,000, however your results may vary depending on many factors but not limited to your niche, offer, work ethic, commitment level, and your ability to follow our step by step instructions and ask us for help when you have questions.

How Did THIS Clueless Newbie Go From...

How Did THIS Clueless Newbie Go From...

Getting FIRED From His 9-5 Job At Walmart For Being Too Lazy...

Getting FIRED From His 9-5 Job At Walmart For Being Too Lazy...

To Getting Business Owners Like THIS...

To Getting Business Owners Like THIS...

To Send Him $500 Checks Like THIS...

Kyle showing off one of his $500 checks
Kyle showing off one of his $500 checks

To Send Him $500 Checks Like THIS...

Just By "Clicking a Few Buttons From Home" And WITHOUT ANY...

  • Technical Skills...
  • ​Marketing Skills...
  • Sales Skills...
  • OR ANY business experience at all?

Just By "Clicking a Few Buttons From Home" And WITHOUT ANY...

  • Technical Skills...
  • ​Marketing Skills...
  • Sales Skills...
  • OR ANY business experience at all?

Todd Gross

Peter Beattie

Todd Gross

Peter Beattie

Hey, it’s Peter Beattie here and on behalf of my partner Todd Gross...

We're SOOOO excited to introduce YOU to someone very special...
Meet Kyle.

An online marketing newbie with ZERO skills or business experience...

BUT, who now earns $500 /day building “Instant App Funnels” for businesses all over the just a few clicks (from his tiny 1 bedroom apartment).

But, Kyle wasn’t always such a "baller"…

You see, in late 2021...

Kyle Got FIRED From His Job as a Walmart “Stock Boy” For Being Too Lazy... 

(Yes, true story but a story for another time)


Then, Bad Luck Struck AGAIN... 

Kyle's car broke down and he didn't have the money to get it fixed...

He was starting to fall behind on his bills and his landlord was threatening to throw him out...
Needless to say, Kyle needed to find a way to make money from home FAST!
So That's When He Reached Out To ME For Help...
Kyle (left) with Peter (right)
Hi, my name is Peter Beattie and Kyle is my little brother.  

Just like my brother Kyle, I used to work a 9-5 job. Then I lost that job during the last recession.

THEN, I was FORCED to start my online business to survive and pay my bills. Eventually, it turned into something wayyyy more than "survival"...

Fast forward to today, and I've driven tens of MILLIONS of dollars in sales through my online marketing efforts.
I've also helped THOUSANDS of average "every-day people" follow in my footsteps to create their own...

5, 6 And Even 7 Figure Businesses!

These are a few of my favorite success stories...

Kevin P

Small Business Owner
When Kevin started working with me he was struggling to get consistent clients and only making a few grand a month. Then I created a funnel that helped him grow his business to $20,000 per month. He recently told me he's now at $40,000 per month!

Shawn B

Local Agency Owner
When Sean joined my program he knew nothing about building funnels or online marketing. In fact he didn't even know how to copy & paste! He recently sent me a message that he now has over 11 clients paying him $2,000 per month thanks to what I showed him.

Subira F

Local Agency Owner
When Subira joined my program she had just finished recovering from breast cancer surgery and needed to rebuild her finances from scratch. The last time I heard from her she said she was on her way to her first $10,000 month in her agency thanks to what she learned from me!

Luke T

Local Agency Owner
Luke used to work in a factory making $40k per year and taking orders from a boss. After joining my program he took ONE thing he learned from me and used it to scale his agency to $500,000 per year which allowed him to move his family into a new house!

Ahryn S

Local Agency Owner
When Ahryn joined my program he was struggling to get clients because he didn't know how to get them predictable results. I showed him how to create campaigns & funnels that his clients are happy to pay him for every month!

Jimmy T

Online Entrepreneur 
When I met Jimmy he was completely broke and in massive debt. In fact he had to sell some of his belongings on Craigslist just to afford my program. He recently told me he's on track to hit $500,000 per month and he even bought his mom a house!

Tony P

Local Agency Owner
Tony was one of my first students to join my programs. After watching just ONE of my video lessons he was able to get a local business to send him a $2,000 check!

Marouane B

YouTube Influencer
When I first me Marouane he was stuck in a job and trying to figure out how to make money online. After joining my program he profited $5,344 online, quit his job and now runs multiple successful online businesses, including a YouTube channel with 322k subscribers!


Instant App Funnel Agency Owner
Will you be my next success story under the lights? Send me your results after grabbing your copy of "Mobileverse Takeover" and maybe YOU will be featured next! (please include specific results to qualify)
 I still can't thank Peter Beattie enough! This morning I received a check, he's been a client since last summer. I'm not bragging, I just want to prove that it's working! If I can do it you guys can too!"

Stevian R

Local Agency Owner

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Platform...

 Absolutely the best web app development platform on the planet!"

Benny Fragomeli

App Developer
 The NEW way of doing websites. I am an author and can easily market my books and send customers notifications of my latest offer or discount. It is VERY simple to setup!"

James Regan

 I use the app for my salon, the coupon widget helps in getting more clients to book online rather then calling. Plus, if we have a slow day I send out a push notification and the phone starts ringing! Yeah!"

Maria Rullo

Salon Owner
 Instant communication and contact with my clients, my service and my products. Cannot get any better than this!"

Eleanor Hope

Life Coach, Trainer & Entrepreneur
Peter taking delivery of his Lamborghini Gallardo
( a Walmart parking lot. How ironic?
Now, I never really talked with my family about what I did for a living because, well...they never really "got it".

Which is why I was TOTALLY surprised when my brother Kyle reached out to me for help after getting fired from his job at Walmart...

“Peter, Can You Help Me Make Money Online?


...BTW I have ZERO online experience or skills."
Yep. Kyle wanted me to help him start an online business so he could...
  • Be his own boss...
  • ​Write his own paycheck...
  • ​Work only WHEN he "feels like it" and...
  • ​Do it from ANYWHERE in the world!
BUT, there was one "little problem" standing in the way of Kyle's success...

He Has ZERO Skills And Also...

He's Kinda Lazy 🤷🏻‍♂️

Heck, He'll Even Tell You Himself... 
 Pfft! Build a REAL business? Mehhhh. I'd rather just make a quick $500 when I need it, then spend the rest of my day eating pizza and playing video games! "
So, determined to help my little brother...

I locked myself in my office and promised not to come until I found a way for Kyle to make money online...

EVEN as a clueless (and lazy) newbie.
Then FINALLY! After 4 days of nonstop research...

I Stumbled Upon The BIG Breakthrough I Was Looking For...

"The GREAT Virtual Land BOOM Of 2022"!

NO. Not The Metaverse!

After all, the day when we're ALL living, working and socializing in an ALL virtual reality is STILL many years away.

Maybe even DECADES away.
I'm talking about a "Digital World" that YOU, me and EVERYONE else we know are ALREADY living in EVERY DAY...

In Fact, It's Probably In The Palm Of Your Hands RIGHT NOW...

...Or at least within arms reach 😉

"Duhhh! It's our mobile phones!"

SHOCKING new study conducted by in 2021 reveals:

The Average Person Spends 5 HOURS PER DAY Staring At Their Mobile Phone!

(Not even counting work time!)

Wait, Did You Catch That?

We Spend 20% Of Our Lives On Our Mobile Phones!

That's almost as much time as we spend SLEEPING!
You see, this digital world I'm talking about is called...

"The Mobileverse!"

This was my BIG "Aha" moment and when I figured out how I was going to help my brother Kyle make easy money from home...

You see, businesses KNOW that to reach their customers and THRIVE in today's "Mobile Economy", it's no longer an option for them in 2022...

They Need To OWN "Digital Real Estate" On Their Customer's Mobile Phones!

Meaning, they need to get THEIR business onto their customer's mobile phone as an app...

Right next to the other apps their customers are ALREADY spending most of their time on, EVERY single day!
This will allow them to ALWAYS be in front of their customers and stay top of mind.

Which by itself, would be HIGHLY valuable to ANY small business owner.

I knew Kyle COULD make a decent income building mobile apps for local businesses, BUT...


 NOBODY is getting rich selling websites and mobile apps to businesses anymore. Wake up, it's 2022!" 👈👈👈
Sure, having a mobile app might make a business owner feel "warm & fuzzy" inside when they tell their friends and family about it, BUT...

If they don't have a predictable system for leveraging that mobile app to generate new customer sales...

It's just a pretty looking "digital brochure" sitting on someone's phone collecting virtual dust.

And they won't pay you every month for THAT. 👈
You see, businesses pay us marketers for RESULTS

So if we ACTUALLY want to help small businesses get more customers in TODAY's Mobile Economy...

We need to RE-INVENT the "old school" mobile app FOREVER...

Turning it into a POWERFUL customer-getting MACHINE that generates REAL MEASURABLE RESULTS (sales) for businesses with 100% predictability.

They WILL pay big money for that, every single month. 👈
They WILL pay for a new breed of mobile app that could automatically INSTALL ITSELF onto the phones of EVERYONE who came into their store...

...with just 1 scan of a QR code.

They WILL pay for the ability to INSTANTLY reach ALL their customers at the push of a button...

By sending Push Notifications through the app to their customer's phones like a text message...

To generate new sales on demand by promoting new special offers, events & discounts!
And BOOM! Just like that...

"The Instant App Funnel"  Was Born...

STEP 1: "The QR Smart Flyer"
First, we send our local business client a special QR code that they can print out and put in their store for their customers to scan w/ their phone to receive "New Daily Discounts and Special Offers".
STEP 2: The "Instant-App Landing Page"
After scanning the QR Code, their customer is taken to a special landing page that INSTANTLY downloads our client's business to their mobile phone as an app!
Without their customers needing to go to the app store or install anything - because it's a special kind of "web-app" that works on ANY device!
STEP 3: "Push Notify Profits"
Now our local business client can INSTANTLY reach their customers and generate new sales on demand by sending Push Notifications about new special offers directly to their customer's phones - like a text message!
 "Great idea in THEORY, but would this ACTUALLY increase sales?"
The answer to that question led me to discovering a small group of businesses who were ALREADY doing something similar and getting...


 23% more sales and its only the first month!"

 400% higher open rates VS email marketing!"

 Over $4k per week in new customers. This is ABSURD!"

 $27k and counting on our latest promotion."

 47% increase in repeat visitors to my website!"

 10% increase in conversions compared to email."

And I discovered several of the world's BIGGEST & most PROFITABLE brick & mortar brands who were also doing this to... 

Win BIG In The NEW
"Mobile Economy!"

🤔💡 So then I thought...
 "What if we could REPLICATE what these big brands are doing and be among the first to offer Instant App Funnels to local businesses?"
The idea was exciting, BUT there were just...

TWO Big Problems:

  • HOW MUCH would businesses be willing to pay for this?
  • HOW would we create the technology to pull this off?
So I looked around at what businesses were ALREADY paying for mobile apps with LESS features and saw prices of...

$500, $2,000, $5000

Even $10,000+

It was now VERY clear to me...

EVEN IF Kyle was a clueless newbie with no technical, marketing or sales experience...

EVEN IF he made mistakes and didn't follow my instructions...

He could AT LEAST make the bare minimum of $500 per client. 
PLUS! Once he created an Instant App Funnel for one of his clients...

He could just UPSELL them into a $1,000 per month "Weekly Deal Campaign"...

Where he spends 5 mins per week sending out Push Notifications to his client's app users...

Letting them know about new discounts, events and special offers.
BUT STILL, this was just an idea we didn't know how to bring into reality.

We needed the technology that would allow Kyle to EASILY create these "Instant App Funnels" FAST (in under 20 mins)...

...and do it with ZERO technical skills.
So I ran the idea by my good friend Todd Gross and his WIZARD software team and...


And in no time at all they created the world's FIRST software that creates...

POWERFUL "Instant App Funnels" in just a few clicks.
Then I wrote some client-getting emails...

Told Kyle to send them out to a few different businesses...

And then something AMAZING happened...

Kyle Collected His First $500 Check Within About 48 Hours

Before he even knew how to use our shiny new software!
And that's exactly what Kyle's been doing since...

Rinsing and repeating this process to bring in $500 checks whenever he wants...

...and having the ability to upsell his clients into "Weekly Deal Campaigns" for $1,000 per month...

Allowing him to generate a stable recurring income for himself AND his future family.

For Kyle To Make $10,000 /mo

He Only Needs To Create 10 Instant App Funnels!

😮 Dude! That's less than ONE Instant App Funnel PER MONTH
(assuming he stays lazy and moves at a sloth's pace)
Or MAYBE Kyle wants to give himself a raise and DOUBLE his income...

Well then, it's just more simple math...

20 Instant App Funnels = $20,000 per month

Then he only needs to create TWO Instant App Funnels per month to get there over the next 12 months!

OR MAYBE, Kyle wants to get off the couch, shut down his video games and grow this into a 7 figure agency...

In that case...

84 Instant App Funnels =

$1,000,000+ Per Year

Wherever my brother Kyle decides to take his new venture is ENTIRELY up to him...

And there's no "right" or "wrong" choice.

But what matters MOST is, Kyle now has the FREEDOM to make that choice.

He CAN write his own paycheck now. And he NEVER has to answer to a boss EVER again...
But what about YOU?

Are YOU Next?

If you'd like to begin following in Kyle's footsteps in just minutes from now...

By getting access to the same software, tools AND step by step training we created for Kyle...

To experience YOUR OWN dramatic transformation over the next few weeks...

Then Todd and I want to invite YOU to join us TODAY, inside...
"Mobileverse Takeover!"
This is our NEW turn-key platform that will empower YOU with the software, tools and training you need to…

Launch & Grow Your NEW 5, 6 or even 7 Figure "Instant App Funnel" Agency From Home

Even If You're a Clueless Newbie Starting From Scratch - Like Kyle!

You Can Have Your First "Instant App Funnel" LIVE and Ready To Send to THOUSANDS of Potential Buyers In The Next 5 Minutes!

Here’s EXACTLY What You Get…

The "Instant App Funnel" Builder
FINALLY! In just a few clicks, you can stamp out POWERFUL “Instant App Funnels” for local businesses in ANY niche…
  • In 5 minutes or less
  • ​NO technical skills needed!
  • ​NO coding skills needed!
  • ​NO design skills needed!
200 Templates In The HOTTEST Niches Ready To Launch w/ Just 3 Mouse Clicks…
YEP! You can build "Instant App Funnels" for businesses in literally ANY niche you want!

Allowing you to diversify your income by working with a wide variety of clients, instead of being limited to just a few niches.
SIMPLE Drag & Drop Editor That Allows for EASY Editing With ZERO Technical OR Design Skills…
Not a designer? No problem.

If you made it to this page then CONGRATS!

You already have the skills to EASILY customize each Instant App Funnel to match your client’s business FAST…
  • ​WITHOUT paying an expensive designer to do it for you. Meaning...

You Can Keep 100% Of The Profits On EVERY "Instant App Funnel" You Create!

 And You Can Feel GOOD About Keeping It All To Yourself Because You’re  Giving Your Clients a Highly Needed Product They Will LOVE!
Generate "QR Smart Flyers" In 1 Click...
Easily generate “QR Smart Flyers” you can email to your client... 

...that they can print it out and put it in their store for customers to scan with their phones.

And just like that, your client will start converting their in-store shoppers into new app users on day ONE…
 Giving you undeniable PROOF of the value you provide to their business right away and turning them into...

A Long Term Client Who Pays You Month After Month!

Generate INSTANT Sales w/ Push Notifications
Just simply login to your client’s new “Instant App Funnel” once per week…

Type 1 sentence telling customers about their new special offers for that week…

…click “SEND” and you’re done!

Giving YOU...

A Ready-to-Go $500-$1,000 /Mo Service That Takes Less Than 5 Mins To Fulfill

 But gives your clients a steady flow of customers and sales!
(they'll LOVE you for this)
Oh, and with “The All Star” license…

You can point, click and create an UNLIMITED number of “Instant App Funnels”...

For yourself OR for an UNLIMITED number of clients…

For UNLIMITED earning potential!
All this combined with a host of other industry leading features that would take us nearly 500 pages to cover in detail makes THIS…

One of THE BEST money making tools you will ever invest in for your business. GUARANTEED!

But we don't stop there. 

We want you to make MONEY with our software, and REALLY...

To Build a Financial Wall Around You & Your Family That NOTHING Penetrate.

That's why we're also going to be guiding you through this process every step of the way, so you're NEVER alone...
The Lazy App Academy
Then once your first Instant App Funnel is built, we'll pull back the curtain and reveal EXACTLY…

How my brother Kyle went from losing his job at Walmart to collecting $500 checks from businesses - with no prior skills or experience!

This gives you a step by step plan to follow to ensure you reach your goals with Mobileverse Takeover!
You can begin following in Kyle’s footsteps in under 5 minutes from now by joining us TODAY inside…

“Mobileverse Takeover”!

You Can Have Your First "Instant App Funnel" LIVE and Ready To Send to THOUSANDS of Potential Buyers In The Next 5 Minutes!

AND when you grab your copy TODAY…

You’ll won't pay the $497 price tag we plan to sell this for via webinar after the launch...


In fact, you won't even pay HALF of that...


WHY? Because we want YOUR awesome success story to share with those who purchase later - at a much higher price!

Fair enough?

So instead, during our limited time EXCLUSIVE launch event, you can get started TODAY for a NO-BRAINER low investment of just...


  • The "Instant App Funnel" Builder - cloud based software
  • ​Build a maximum of 3 “Instant App Funnels” for your OWN business
  • 25 High Converting Niche Designs to choose from and ready to deploy in 1 click
  • All Standard Features (below)…

After Launch: $397

During Launch:




  • The "Instant App Funnel" Builder - cloud based software
  • ​Build and SELL an UNLIMITED number of "Instant App Funnels" for yourself OR for clients!
  • ​​​200+ High Converting Niche Designs to choose from and ready to deploy in 1 click
  • ​"The Lazy App Academy" - step by step case study training
  • ​BONUS #1: "Scorching HOT Mobileverse Niches" 
  • ​​BONUS #2: "The 48 Hour Listing Emails"
  • ​BONUS #3: "The Big Ticket Pricing Guide" 
  • ​BONUS #4: Priority Email Support
  • All standard features (below)…

After Launch: $497
$20 Price Discount Ends! $67 $47

During Launch:


Each License Comes With All The "Standard Features"...
  • The "Instant App Funnel" builder software with full functionality 
  • ​Generate QR Code powered "QR Smart Flyers" in 1 click - fills your Instant App Funnels with leads FAST!
  • "The ​Instant-App Landing Page" - INSTANTLY puts your Instant App Funnels on the phones of your perfect customers!
  • ​"Push Notify Profit Center" - just hit "SEND"  to generate IMMEDIATE sales for any product or service with conversions 1,000% higher than email marketing! (send up to 5 push notifications per Instant App Funnel every 30 days)
  • ​100% Design flexibility - easily customize our ready-to-go templates for ANY business under the sun, in just a few clicks! (no design skills needed)
  • ​​Instant App Funnel Search Rankings - YES, your apps will RANK in the Google search results, usually within minutes (can your competitor's app do that? NO.)
  • ​All Instant App Funnels load perfectly on ANY Desktop AND Mobile device right out of the box, regardless of the operating system - iOs, Android etc - Saves THOUSANDS in development costs!
  • ​​Fastest App loading speeds in the entire industry!
  • ​Rapidly launch new Instant App Funnels WITHOUT dealing with headaches of submitting to Apple, Android or other app stores (GAME CHANGER!)
  • ​Dummy Proof "Point & Click Interface" with multiple device views for effortless Instant App Funnel editing, no more tech roadblocks!
  • ​"Instant App Commerce" - easily sell products and services directly from your Instant App Funnels with just ONE flip of a switch! (turns your app into an online store)
  • ​​Use your own (or client’s) domain names
  • ​​FREE Cloud Hosting w/ UNLIMITED traffic and file storage for ALL Instant App Funnels, always! (you'll never out-grow this platform)
  • ​FREE “App Fortress Technology" - automatically fortifies ALL of your Instant App Funnels and protects them from hackers
  • ​Instant video backgrounds
  • ​​Social Media links
  • ​​Custom CSS & Javascript for professional customization (optional)
  • ​No recurring fees! (invest once and profit for life)

100% Money Back Guarantee

Dear Peter & Todd:
 YES! I would like to make money from home creating simple Instant App Funnels for businesses using the software, tools and training you created to help Peter's brother Kyle. 

I understand if I am not 100% satisfied, I can request a prompt and courteous refund of the full purchase price within 30 days, credited back to my original payment method. No questions asked.

But WAIT There's More!

If you get in before this Special Launch Event is over, we'll also give you the AMAZING bonuses below to help you...

EASILY Secure Clients In The HOTTEST Niches Who Are Already Paying $500-$10,000 RIGHT NOW...

BONUS #1: $97 Value
Scorching HOT Mobileverse Niches
First, I'll show you the HOTTEST niches filled with businesses ALREADY paying $500, $2,000, $5,000 and even $10,000 or more for Instant App Funnels right now...

Allowing you to ignore the businesses that are too cheap to invest in their business and INSTEAD...

Focus ONLY on the highest paying niches that can get you to your monthly income goals with just 1 or 2 clients.
BONUS #2: $1,997 Value
The 48 Hour Listing Emails
Then, I'll give you our pre-written and ready to send listing emails that you can copy, paste and SEND out to the businesses I tell you to...

Filling up your inbox fill up with replies & offers from highly motivated potential local business buyers from all over the world!
  • ​NO meeting with clients in person
  • ​NO leaving your home
  • ​Just hit SEND and watch the offers come in!

Think It's Impossible To Get Up To $10,000 For a SINGLE Instant App Funnel?

You're NOT alone!
BONUS #3: $10,000 Value
The Big Ticket Pricing Guide
Before I got my first $10,000 deal I struggled to understand how others were getting clients to pay them 4-5 figures for something that only took them a few hours to do.

But I've cracked the code to turning complete strangers into PAYING 4-5 figure clients and I can't WAIT to reveal it to you in this FREE bonus training. And best of all...
  • ​You won't need to use ANY sleazy sales tactics
  • ​In fact, you won't need ANY sales skills at all!
  • ​FINALLY! Even awkwardly shy introverts can WIN big clients too!
Priority Support From Experienced Industry Veterans. (Never Expires)
NO, that's not a typo. For as long as you remain a customer, we got your back.

If you ever get stuck and don't know what to do, just reach out to our professionally trained support staff who are DECADE PLUS veterans in the industry. 

They are standing by and waiting to help you with any questions you have to ensure you are successful with Mobileverse Takeover!
👉 Bottom line:

You Have NOTHING To Lose But EVERYTHING To Gain!

You Can Have Your First "Instant App Funnel" LIVE and Ready To Send to THOUSANDS of Potential Buyers In The Next 5 Minutes!

I know. UNHEARD of in this game, right?

That's just how confident we are in our product.

Just click this link (or the button above this text) RIGHT NOW to get started…

And you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire “Mobileverse Takeover” package - at the heavily discounted price…
But make sure you HURRY!

This offer is EXTREMELY Limited To Keep Competition Low For Kyle And Our Other Members...

So, we’ll be raising the price once the timer on this page hits zero.

Then when our special launch event is over, this special offer will disappear completely and you’ll need to attend one of our webinars and pay the full price like everyone else.

So, don’t wait another second!

Click the link below RIGHT NOW to grab your copy of “Mobileverse Takeover”...

And Todd and I look forward to helping YOU reach your goals!

See you soon!

You Can Have Your First "Instant App Funnel" LIVE and Ready To Send to THOUSANDS of Potential Buyers In The Next 5 Minutes!

Todd Gross

Peter Beattie

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will this work outside the US?
YES, of course! We now have users of our platform ALL over the globe. Your location does NOT matter. And you're NOT limited to working with businesses in your local area. In fact, you can literally live in a cabin in the woods with no humans in sight for 100 miles - as long as you have an internet connection and half a brain, this will work for you.
Do I have to meet clients in person?
NO WAY! It's 2022. Who meets in person nowadays anyways? EVERYTHING is done 100% online. Kyle does this from his 1 bedroom apartment for businesses all over the world. Heck, he's never even spoken to most of them.
What if I don't have ANY technical or design skills?
Then this is PERFECT for you! When we say you can create an UNLIMITED number of Instant App Funnels with just a few clicks, we mean it! If you can check your email and browse Facebook, congratulations - you have what it takes to win BIG with Mobileverse Takeover!
Will you help us find clients and get paid?
Does Superman wear his underwear over his pants? ABSOLUTELY! We’re gonna be walking you through this step by step inside "The Lazy App Academy" and giving you "The Big Ticket Pricing Guide" that shows you how to get $500-$10,000 per client, "Scorching HOT Mobileverse Niches" filled with clients who are perfect for this, AND "Copy & Paste Listing Emails" you can send out to those businesses to start landing clients as soon as TODAY - no selling or cold calls required!
How is an "Instant App Funnel" different from a regular mobile app?
GREAT QUESTION! Regular mobile apps are designed to work one ONE kind of device (iOs or Android). They need to be approved and distributed through the app stores AND they're also very expensive to develop.

But an Instant App Funnel is SO MUCH more than a mobile app. It's kinda like a mobile website, mobile app AND a sales funnel in ONE amazing package.

Instant App Funnels can be INSTANTLY accessed and downloaded from ANY device (desktop or mobile) REGARDLESS of operating system (iOS, Andoid, doesn't matter)...all without going to the app store. Instant App Funnels can also be created in under 5 mins using our software with ZERO coding skills.

Finally, Instant App Funnels are exactly that...Mobile App FUNNELS. They can generate their own traffic with "QR Smart Flyers", rank high in the search engines AND generate sales on demand for ANY product or service with Push Notifications.

So YEA, this is WAY more than an old school mobile app. Welcome to the future!
Do I need to have any sales skills?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! We’ve already done most of the “selling” for you with our proven "Copy & Paste Listing Emails" and the other amazing resources included in this game changing package. By the time a business reaches out to you with interest in one of your Instant App Funnels, they will already be mostly “sold”.
How many Instant App Funnels can I sell?
With the “The All Star License” you can build & sell an UNLIMITED number of Instant App Funnels, for an UNLIMITED number of clients and UNLIMITED earning potential! There are no limits besides the ones you put on yourself ;).
Will you help me create the Push Notifications to send out for our clients?
YES! There's also an optional upgrade called "Push Notify PRO" that gives you a copy & paste Billion Dollar Messaging Map that reveals exactly how billion dollar companies craft their Push Notification campaigns for maximum earnings. So you don't have to be an expert copywriter or have a creative bone in your body to profit wildly with Mobileverse Takeover!
What if I have questions after purchasing?
Our customers tell us we have the BEST support in the industry. Once you login to the members area you'll see a link where you can reach us instantly with any questions you have. Technical support, getting clients, making sales, whatever you need help with - we're just 1 message away. You can typically expect a reply from us within a few hours Monday - Friday between 9am-5pm ET. We do have support staff working on the weekends as well during the special launch event :)
How do the Push Notifications work?
Great question! Just login to the software and click "Manage Push Notifications", type up a simple message and click SEND to instantly reach all of your app's subscribers on their mobile phones. Please note that depending on what device your leads have, the Push Notifications may appear on their device slightly different than how we depict on our sales page here. The graphics on this page are for demo purposes only.
How do the QR Smart Flyers work?
Another great question! Once you've built your app, just click the QR code button and that's it! You can share that QR code with anyone and once they scan it, they will instantly be taken to your Instant App Landing page to download your app to their mobile device! It really is SO EASY anyone can do it regardless of experience.
So what are you reading way down here for?

Every second you wait is another second the price could go up or this offer could disappear forever.

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Affiliate Terms: Read carefully before joining this program. You agree that you are NOT allowed to do the following things if approved for the affiliate program. By doing any of the following, you will be terminated from the program and agree that any commissions will be forfeited without recourse:

1. You are NOT permitted to conduct eMail promotions in a 3rd party system - all eMail contacts MUST be your OWN opt in eMail list. You cannot buy solo ads, use safe lists, use spam or anything similar.

2. You must NOT run “negative” PPC or I-frame domain campaigns such as “Product name / author name scam” or any other method to attract controversial click thru rates that an ordinary person would deem to portray a negative view of the product. This creates a very bad image for our company and the individuals featured in the products and you will be terminated from the program instantly.

3. You should avoid using the raw affiliate link if you can. All affiliates are encouraged to utilize redirect links in eMails and website campaigns and not the direct affiliate link you will receive. This increases conversions for both of us. (But ultimately the choice is up to you).

4. You CANNOT earn commission on your own purchase. Any ‘self’ purchase commission may be nullified or held back. Things you CAN do (subject to change without notice - please check back here regularly).

5. I-frames, review sites and cloaked domains are permitted as long as they do not contain offensive or negative domain URLs.

6. Affiliate payments will be set as delayed for affiliates with less than 50 sales. For all other affiliates the commissions will be set to instant. Please describe briefly how you will be promoting and any links to your own websites or warrior forum profile.

7. We run a legitimate business, which means that we always correctly illustrate and represent our product/s and their features and benefits to the customer. Please make sure you do the same. Anyone found using misleading claims, inaccurate information or false testimonials (or anything that does not comply with FTC guidelines) will have their affiliate account revoked immediately.

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